The Association aims to promote vintage automobiles and their evolution in today's environment.

The aim of the association is to bring together motoring enthusiasts from Geneva and the French-speaking part of Switzerland who are interested in vintage tourism, organizing events, exhibitions and exhibition visits in Switzerland and Europe, classic car gatherings, sales and auctions as well as all other areas related to vintage cars, bringing together craftsmen and classic car enthusiasts, spare parts stands, participation in fairs with identical themes and aims, organizing or participating in classic car rallies, etc.
Where will passion take us?

When we restore a vehicle, after months or sometimes years of work; looking back at all the patience, the expenditure of energy and money, the fear, the emotions we felt restoring part after part, and suddenly everything becomes a creation little by little.

We dismantled the vehicle, bodywork, windows, dashboard, seats, engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes and then reassembled it all, total revision check, did we forget a detail...